The healthcare professionals at Women’s Healthcare Center strive to provide the best (health)care available. In the interest of quality assurance, we value your opinion and feedback (both positive and negative) as this allows us to continuously improve patient treatments and experience.

In case of feedback or suggestions relating to your visit, or remarks regarding the safety or quality at WHC we refer to our Feedback page or contact us directly via

Contact with your health professional          

In case for any reason you are not fully content with your treatment at WHC, please contact your healthcare professional. A complaint may be due to miscommunication or managed expectations. Your healthcare professional will welcome the opportunity to resolve any issues and discuss your further options. 

Complaints officer

In case you and your healthcare professional are unable to resolve the issue amongst yourselves, a complaint can be filed with our internal WHC complaints officer: Mr. F.Ottenhoff via In case of a complaint, we strive to resolve the complaint within 6 weeks of receipt. A complaint can also be filed through an (external) independent complaints officer: Klachtconsult (

In case you would like to contact the complaints officer, we kindly refer to the following form klachtenformulier. The applicable complaints rules can be found through the following link hier.

Complaints committee

WHC makes use of an independent complaints committee of ZKN. The complaints committee can be contacted via: Stichting in case you are considering holding your healthcare professional liable (for example in case of damages).

Complaints committee

Telephone number: 070-3105310

For information relating to the independent complaints commission we refer to: English - De Geschillencommissie Zorg

In closing                                                                

Please bear in mind the following:

  • Your healthcare professional strives to provide you with the best treatment and (health)care available. Your opinion and feedback allows us to improve our patient treatments and experience.
  • In case of the involvement of a complaints officer, you still reserve the right to file a dispute with the complaints committee.
  • In case of a filing of a claim through the complaints committee, please bear in mind that a ruling can take approximately 6 months and permission has to be granted to access your patient treatment file.