How does a video consultation work?

A video consultation with the medical specialist at the Women's Healthcare Center is through the program Zoom (Zoom Europe). With Zoom, you as a patient can have your appointment with the specialist wherever you want. Zoom is 100% secure. It meets all security requirements. Your privacy is guaranteed.

You will be invited to a video consultation via email. This appointment invitation will include the time of your appointment.
It is important that you accept the appointment. Furthermore, there is a link in the email, (start video consultation) to start the meeting.

What do you need for a video consultation?
For a video consultation you do not need special equipment and it works on all platforms. What you do need is:
- A (built-in) webcam and sound output.
- A good working (fixed) internet connection.

Preparing for the video consultation?

When you press the link in your appointment email, you will be prompted to download the Zoom software. Zoom is a small software program and is completely safe.

Make sure you open the link in the invitation email at least 5 minutes before the appointment.

You click on the link in the invitation email: start video consultation
Web browser opens. Depending on your operating system, the steps below differ.

Pop up Zoom launcher. If you want to save the file, click YES.
Follow the steps in orange bar at the top right of the screen. Download zoom launcher

Open pop up file? Click on execute.

Pop up downloading. The Zoom program is downloaded onto your computer or tablet.

You are in the virtual waiting room. The specialist will log in at the specified time. The connection is established and the video consultation starts immediately.
You do not need to uninstall the video calling program from your computer. It can simply be left on. This prevents you from having to reinstall the program (Zoom) next time. Please note that the next time you participate from a different device, you do need to reinstall the program.

It is also possible to start a video consultation via your cell phone. To do so, download the app: "ZOOM cloud meetings" from the app store. Enter the meeting ID number 4703858783 to start the meeting via the app.