Registration of data and Privacy legislation

Women's Healthcare Center ensures that your personal data are collected and processed carefully in accordance with the WBP/AVG. Employees are therefore not allowed to simply pass on your data to others. They have a duty of confidentiality with respect to this information.

Privacy statement

The Women's Healthcare Center performs a confidentiality function towards its patients for specialist medical care. This function of trust is based on direct and often long-term contacts and is subject and obligated to extremely careful data management.

Patients must be able to rely on careful and regulated handling of medical personal data. These arrangements are set out in the Women's Healthcare Center Privacy Statement

Sharing medical data only with your consent

Sometimes you may see a health care provider you don't know. Then it's important that this new health care provider can see your medical information. Because with the right information about you, he can give you the right care: quickly, properly and safely. Even at night and on weekends.
This healthcare provider can only see your medical data with your permission. Therefore, when you visit the hospital, we ask for your permission to share your medical data with other healthcare providers.

Giving permission is not mandatory. This is entirely up to you. You can read more about this in the leaflet 'Consent to share data'.

The Women's Healthcare Center provides anonymized data to:

Care Institute of the Netherlands
RIVM (National Institute for Public Health and the Environment).
More information about the AVG can be found on the website of the Personal Data Authority.