Women's Healthcare Center offers care to patients without a Dutch healthcare insurance, for example international visitors, expats and/or patients in need of female care without a GP referral. In case of uninsured care, the cost of care cannot be reimbursed by an insurer and therefore has to be settled at the time of your visit. Please call our reception or contact us via email to discuss your options to visit us.


Walk-in rates (Passantentarieven)

If you are UNinsured or have a foreign (non-Dutch) healthcare insurance, then you will have to pay for your consultation and treatment out-of-pocket. The so called Walk-in rates (in Dutch "passantentarieven") apply. We refer to the Visitors fee schedules 20222023 en 2024.

For more information, please contact us via the form contactformulier or call 020-6420229.