Women's Healthcare Center has a contract with ALL health insurance companies in the Netherlands for 2023. Women´s Healthcare Center thus guarantees 100% reimbursement and no administrative burden for the patient with Dutch insurance!

The following exceptions are in effect:

  • Patients insured with DITZO / ASR on the basis of a restitution policy submit the invoice to their insurance company and transfer the reimbursed amount including any deductible deducted to Women´s Healthcare Center. Women's Healthcare Center will take care of the deductible, so you will never spend more than your own risk.

Specialist medical care

The examinations and operations carried out in the Women's Healthcare Center are regarded as specialist medical care. As such, they are covered by the basic health insurance and are reimbursed by the health insurance company. To be eligible for reimbursement, however, you must be referred by your general practitioner or specialist and you must bring the (Zorgdomein) referral number with you to your first appointment.


All examinations and operations are performed by a medical specialist. It may happen that for a certain treatment several examinations or operations take place within one consultation. For such a consultation with multiple examinations and/or operations, a single rate will be charged. For more information on health care billing, please visit www.dezorgnota.nl.

Your care invoice

Each patient will always have a deductible. The healthcare costs you incur will be deducted from your deductible. The rest is taken care of by the health insurance company. How much you have to pay yourself depends on the amount of your deductible.

You can always contact your health insurance company to ask for an explanation of the bill you received. If you are still unclear, you can reach us by phone or via our contact form.