Multidisciplinary approach

The versatility of the WHC team and the fact that these female care practitioners are practicing under one roof ensures a smooth multidisciplinary approach. Intervision amongst WHC specialists takes place via short lines so that the time path to making the correct diagnosis can be as efficient as possible. WHC Amsterdam employs a team of specialists with extensive experience in general gynecology, urology and radiology. Ultrasound examination of the breasts also receives ample attention. WHC Amsterdam works with state-of-the-art medical equipment in accordance with the highest quality standards and requirements. At WHC Amsterdam all our doctors are experienced, qualified and board certified.


WHC Amsterdam considers guaranteeing the privacy of the patients of the utmost importance, among other things by ensuring that each patient is accompanied - if possible - by the same specialist during the entire examination and treatment process. Only in exceptional cases will we deviate from this principle in consultation or at the patient's request. By keeping the appointments schedule as organized as possible and waiting times in the waiting room as short as possible, privacy is emphasized. Transparent information to the patients about the clinical overview, diagnostics, possibilities of treatment and prognosis is in our opinion of utmost importance.

WHC Amsterdam: Completely independent

WHC Amsterdam is fully independent and operationally and financially independent from third parties such as banking institutions, private investors or pharmaceuticals. This allows WHC Amsterdam to provide care without any conflict of interest. WHC Amsterdam has no financial interest in hospital admissions or interventions. We try to treat patients as conservatively as possible in a responsible manner. WHC Amsterdam has agreements with several hospitals so that, if necessary, one can be assured that the most appropriate choice has been made for the individual patient.

WHC Amsterdam: Selecting the best place for treatment

Due to major changes in the field of gynecology, many subspecialties have emerged in recent years. WHC Amsterdam believes that this results in certain focus clinics having the right expertise for certain treatments and operations. WHC Amsterdam assists in the selection of the right hospital/institution.

WHC Amsterdam and prevention

WHC Amsterdam believes that prevention is essential for a healthy society. Prevention is better than cure and ultimately cheaper. Initiatives from the Ministry of Volksgezondheid such as the population screening for cervical and breast cancer have proven their worth. Individual initiatives by individuals who see the importance of other preventive examinations, not covered by the population screening program, should be welcomed and not discouraged. Costs not covered by health insurance should be borne by the individual based on his or her own sense of responsibility.

WHC Amsterdam: Hormonal treatment

Gynecology has much to do with the prescription of hormone preparations. Part of the WHC Amsterdam patient base comes for peri-menopausal complaints. Of great importance is good, honest and correct information. This makes women aware of the fact that this stage of life is often accompanied by the associated, usually temporary, discomforts. Correct information may be sufficient for a portion of women. There are also remedies that do not contain hormones and can be effective in getting through menopause in a pleasant way. For a portion of women, hormonal therapy is unavoidable. Reports about dangers of hormonal therapy in the lay press are often unsubtle. If necessary, hormones can be prescribed under proper control, for a limited time and under proper supervision. However, patient selection and proper education is of great importance. In addition, bioidentical hormones should have a place in the treatment of menopausal symptoms.

WHC Amsterdam: Gynecardiology

Heart failure is cause of death number 1 among women.