Womens's Healtcare Center (WHC)

The Women's Healthcare Center (WHC) is an independent treatment center (ITC) for gynecology, sexology, urology and echography. In addition, care is offered for the sub-specialisms urogynecology and gyn cardiology. The WHC is located in Amsterdam in the Buitenveldert district. Besides from Amsterdam and its surrounding areas, the clinic treats patients from all over the country and also international visitors/expats.

Characteristic for the WHC is the high quality of gynecological care, personal assistance and short waiting times.

The WHC has become an established name within the care landscape and today belongs to the top outpatient ITC’s of the Netherlands. Patients are referred by GP’s, fellow specialists and care insurers. The patient satisfaction is very high. That is why the WHC has a number of distinctive characteristics.

  • Transparency. Providing clear information towards the patients and giving sufficient attention / time to the patient and her problem. The intake, diagnosis and conservative treatment are carried out entirely by the experienced medical specialists who work in WHC. In case a referral to a hospital or other focus clinic is required, WHC has various strategic cooperations and is happy to present you with options. Unnecessary hospitalizations and treatments are also prevented.
  • Dedicated treatment relationship. By maintaining our complete (financial and organizational) independence, WHC can deliver independent care with accountability to the patients. This guarantees a dedicated treatment relationship. Necessary references to specialized clinics can be realized quickly.
  • Multidisciplinary approach. All gynecologists working in the WHC are generalists with a lot of experience in their (sub-)specialisms. This way - if necessary - multidisciplinary approach of the issues can be realized through short lines.
  • Look and feel. Feminine ambiance, personal assistance and the presence of state-of-the-art equipment guarantee optimal care and high patient satisfaction.