Satisfied patients are important to Women's Healthcare Center (WHC). In order to be able to provide care and services at a high level, we want to continuously improve the quality of care and services. That is why we would like to know your experience and opinion.

Independent Clinics Netherlands

The Women's Healthcare Center Amsterdam is certified by ‘the Keurmerk Zelfstandige Klinieken Nederland (ZKN)’.

Independent clinics that bear the quality mark meet the strictest requirements in terms of quality and patient safety. ZKN ensures that the quality is guaranteed and that the WHC Amsterdam meets the strict requirements and legal guidelines.

The independent certification agency KIWA has also determined that the WHC Amsterdam meets the quality standards and assessment criteria for patient safety, for the area of ​​application:

"Realizing high-quality care in the field of gynecology, sexology, urogynecology and ultrasound, based on a transparent and independent treatment relationship between doctor and patient".

Guaranteeing quality

To guarantee quality and patient safety, several internal and external audits are carried out every year. This way there is continuous feedback from patients. There are also several quality and safety protocols.

In order to guarantee the quality of the specialists, registration of the BIG register and the Medical Specialist Registration (MSRC) is monitored. The specialists are also members of various industry organizations and working groups.

The WHC Amsterdam and its specialists are assessed by the Dutch Association for Obstetrics and Gynecology (NVOG) by means of a quality review.

The Women's Healthcare Center Amsterdam is supervised by the Healthcare Inspectorate. The annual financial and social report is submitted to the CIBG, Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport.