WHC Amsterdam has an urgent care cooperation (achterwacht afspraak) with the BovenIJ hospital in Amsterdam. This ensures 24-hour care and emergency care. For clinical admissions WHC Amsterdam cooperates with the BovenIJ hospital. For treatment of gynecological oncology, in most cases referrals are made to the Antoni van Leeuwenhoekhuis (AVL).

In the field of gynecardiology, we collaborate with Sabine Pinedo, Internist/Vascular Physician (Medical Center Courbetstraat).

For assisted reproductive treatments (IUI, IVF, ICSI) there are agreements with the Sint Lucas Andreas Hospital and the Centrum voor Vruchtbaarheid Nij Barrahûs in Wolvega.

WHC Amsterdam has access to the Antoni van Leeuwenhoekhuis (AVL) with regard to mammography/breast examinations from our Breastcare Center department.

WHC Amsterdam has access to the MRI center Amsterdam and the MRI department of the BovenIJ hospital for MRI examinations.

WHC Amsterdam uses the AML in Antwerp and the pathology department of the AMC for assessment of cytology and pathological-anatomical examinations.