All care related to women's health is offered within the clinic. Patients can come to us for information, examination and conservative treatments (= no invasive procedures) and guidance of pregnancy in the 1st trimester. The intake, diagnosis and treatment are carried out entirely by the medical specialists working in the center. Efforts are made to ensure counseling by one and the same specialist.

(Zorgdomein) Referral to the WHC is made through the general practitioner or your treating specialist. This is always covered by your health insurance company. You can also come to us for a gynecological examination without medical indication (= a medical reason). This is done at the patient's own expense.

Unable to attend?

If you are unable to attend, please contact us at least 24 hours before the appointment, so we can use the vacant spot in our planner for another patient.
You will be charged a stay-away fee of €50 in case of a no-show without notice or in case you cancel within 24 hours before the appointment, as established by the Minister of Health. The stay-away fee is not covered by your insurance.

What should you bring with you to your appointment?

  • A valid identification document (passport, driver's license, identity card);
  • Your proof of insurance;
  • A (Zorgdomein) referral number /letter from your general practitioner;
  • A current overview of any medication you are taking (AMO) and the name of your pharmacy;

Bring your updated medication overview with you at every visit!

Get a summary of all medications you are taking from your pharmacy.
Bring your medication summary with you each time you visit the Women's Healthcare Center.
Inform us, your pharmacy and your primary care physician of any changes in medication use.

Remote video consultation 

Your practitioner has discussed with you that your next (telephone) consultation will be an online video consultation. A video consultation is also called image calling. Your appointment will not take place at the outpatient clinic but via your computer or tablet. You can see your doctor and talk to him/her.