COVID measures

In connection with the health and safety of our patients and workers and to prevent spreading of the coronavirus, we comply with the regulations of the National Institute for Public Health and the Environment (RIVM). For information regarding the coronavirus, please refer to: or information number: 0800-1351.

Safety measures as of 26 June 2021:

  • Please keep 1,5 meter distance
  • Wearing a mouthmask is no longer mandatory, however we advise our patients to bring a mouthmask during their visit to WHC
  • In case keeping 1,5 meter is not possible - e.g. phyiscal exam - then we adhere to the advice that both doctor and patient should wear a mouthmask (and/or other protective gear)

In case of questions, we can also be reached by email at: 


NO CONSULTATION in case of: 

  • An active Covid infection
  • In case a coronatest was applied, whereby the testresult has not yet been made available 
  • In case part of an active GGD source- or contact investigation
  • A standing quarantaine advice 

Please arrive at your appointment on time as we adhere to a strict daily planning. Upon arrival, please state your name through the intercom to receive further instructions. 

We rely on your understanding and cooperation.